About Physiotherapy

What is Physiotherapy, and how can it help you, your horse or your dog?
Physiotherapy Wirral

Veterinary Physiotherapy aims to restore and maintain mobility, function, and independence and optimise performance. Working with all levels of athlete from happy hackers and family pets to elite eventers and agility dogs.

Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapists are highly trained and began their careers as human physiotherapists giving a great scientific background to assessment and treatment techniques and skills before completing further training to specialise in animals. This also means we can treat owners/riders and their animals ensuring optimal performance all round.

Prior to assessment it is required by law that the treating Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist gain consent from the animal’s veterinary surgeon. Members of ACPAT adhere to this requirement to ensure the safety of the animal and for insurance purposes. This will be done by the Physiotherapist and is included as part of the assessment process. This opens a line of communication between Veterinary Surgeon and Physiotherapist which is greatly beneficial for the discussion of findings and possible progression of treatment as a multidisciplinary team.

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